Metaprediction: The trader’s surest way to beat the cryptocurrency market

The losers of the dotcom bubble and the crypto craze of 2017 did not get it all wrong.

Those who traded stocks during the dotcom bubble of the 2000s lost trillions of dollars you may think, but their decisions might have well been based on strong technical indicators. A similar fate befell the cryptocurrency market when the crypto bubble crashed in 2017. While analysts predicted a high of around $100,000 in 2020 the market quickly took a downward trend and trend lines deepened further until half the volume of most cryptocurrencies disappeared. Bitcoin lost more than half of its value falling by about 60% from $16,461.97 in December 2017, to $7,592.72 on February 8, 2019. Professional traders know that predicting the direction of stocks is both technical and psychological. You could choose either side of the game when you trade, and still miss out on the most important indicator.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets, only those who understand the market properly can follow the trend and beat the market. Trading cryptocurrency is not about the fundamental analysts ideal of—” buy the rumor and sell the news”. There are periods when this works, but the possibilities of losing from this outweigh the chances of gains. Experienced traders and hedge funds are the gainers in the stock market. They use the most advanced tools and reliable information to enter a trade and leave with huge profits beating the market all too often. Large hedge funds in the United States and Europe use the services of technicians and experts who understand the market above the average level. They also use AI to set their entry and exit points. Inexperienced traders and novices are poorly informed. They may sometimes be amazed when the market diverges against reliable indicators. No individual factor is responsible for price changes, supports, or resistance in the Forex or cryptocurrency market. That is why Metaprediction is here to make trading easy for anyone interested in making profits from the biggest thing in finance.

Metaprediction is a cryptocurrency trading platform with some unique tweaks that takes the idea of trading to a new level. By simply creating an account and signing up on Metaprediction, the long existing problems of inexperience, time, and liquidity resolves in a few clicks. Here is how Metaprediction does the magic. Metaprediction runs on the blockchain. It uses a decentralized distributed technology that removes human influence and cost of transactions while reducing losses to a zero point. Professional traders register on the Metaprediction platform to execute trades based on the most reliable computer-generated user-generated data. These traders execute your trades by predicting correctly. In turn, the blockchain programmed smart contracts runs a true or false process based on this prediction and return a reward in form of METP tokens for correct predictions. The platform algorithm also ranks traders based on successful trades from 1 being most successful, to the least successful trader. The platform pays a 10% incentive in METP to traders for successful trades. That alone inspires pro traders to improve their competencies and minimize wrong predictions. In cases of wrong predictions, however, the tokens go back to the retailers who paid for the trade. The platform charges a small fee of about 1-5% encouraging more users by default.

Metaprediction saves time and offers high liquidity. When implemented, the Metaprediction Ox integration protocol will take your orders anywhere, yet it offers a seamless execution. Traders or buyers on other decentralized exchanges running the Ox integration can execute transactions created by makers on the Metaprediction order book. Users can buy METP as soon as they sign up. These smart tokens are the default tokens of the platform. METPs are ERC 20 compliant which means you can exchange them with a whole world of other coins on the Etherium blockchain.

Metaprediction uses predictive analysis—mathematically generated computerized information about live trends and directions of the market. It also deploys a powerful artificial intelligence technology forestall loses. What does this mean for its users? Emotions are yet another problem in the stock market as greed and indiscipline can lead to irreparable trading blunders. AI is more precise than emotional in its decisions based on the history of real-life market situations. Users can also cancel trades without paying transaction costs. Now you see the difference. Metaprediction is offering to make trading easier than ever for everyone. Its committed team of professionals has years of exceptional experience in trading, blockchain development, marketing, problem solving and innovation. has everyone in mind. You can sign up now to start earning now.