Meet Metaprediction, the most efficient platform for traders

For the last years, with the birth of new digital currency had started the new era for traders. Bitcoin opened plenty of possibilities and freedom to its investors, attracting traders with low experience, but also cryptocurrency market brought more risks and falls that traditional markets. The same time, trading with cryptocurrencies makes easier to get a profit, especially for lower time frames. But to be a successful crypto trader you need to monitor all the technical indicators of the market and situation on the market, to not miss the right moment to beat the market.

From time to time traders witness the value of cryptocurrencies plummeting despite all technical indicators signaling buy opportunities. These deceptive market signals make traders find out too late that it was an event causing a sell-off, which was caused by dishonest players on the market. Most of the time, the tactics and strategies learned in other markets cannot always be applied, whether that might be technical indicators or fundamental analysis.

According to researches in crypto trading, the most profitable investors are those, who enter the market prepared by experts with all the necessary knowledge about market and its work in comparison with the majority of traders who doesn’t have it. The most traders don’t make profits even after years of trading, despite on researches and tries to understand the market.

The Metaprediction team saw this as an avenue to provide crypto and Forex traders with a system that will significantly reduce the risk of running at a loss in the market. Metaprediction incorporates blockchain and artificial intelligence to provide traders ranging from the pros, average, and newbies, with a predictive analysis that will expose the sustainability of assets based on past performances and real-time market developments. The blockchain component of the Metaprediction helps provide a robust system with high security and transparency for crypto and Forex trading transactions.

What distinguishes Metaprediction from other trading platforms?

Metaprediction platform is designed by traders for traders. It meets all the demands Pro Traders have to get strong adoption. Only Pro Traders adopt the platform, but there is an opportunity for Retail traders to benefit from the platform by selecting their favorite trader from a large pool of traders. The bigger the pool and the more sophisticated the ranking system, the more it becomes likely that a Retail Trader can identify a Pro Trader that has a similar trading style, who wants to trade the same crypto assets and who beats the market at the same time. This way, Retail Trader has someone to navigate him on his favorite crypto to minimize losses on the market and get more income.

The MetaPrediction platform incorporates blockchain technology directly into its functionality whereby traders submit predictions into a smart contract that will execute true or false results based on real market information. MetaPrediction rewards Pro Traders with METP tokens for successful predictions as paid for by the Retail traders. If the trader makes a correct prediction, they will receive tokens from the Retail Trader. It means, that Pro Traders are strongly interested in the correct predictions to be given as their rewards depend on it. If the prediction was wrong, the tokens are returned to the Retail Trader as coded in the smart contract. This reward and automated verification system greatly enhance a trader’s credibility, motivation to succeed, and earning potential.

Metparediction solution for Forex trading

The Forex industry is made up of several players like banks, traders, investment funds, brokers, corporations, companies, and governments. By employing Blockchain, the MetaPrediction platform increases the level of transparency. Blockchain is characterized by a transparent and secure way of registering records.

The artificial intelligence predictive analysis of the Forex market will help traders to mitigate loss. No matter how great a Forex trader or investor is at speculation, a loss is highly inevitable. Using the predictive analysis provided on the artificial intelligence on the MetaPrediction, traders will significantly increase their chances of making profits in Forex trading.

Discover these and other advantages on unique Metaprediction platform together with other traders with the same passion to trading as you.