Artificial Intelligence transforms the Crypto Trading World : MetaPrediction

Due to the lack of indexes, cryptocurrencies are relatively unpredictable compared to conventional financial predictions like stock market.

Extreme volatility and various uncertainties of the crypto markets render many traders bankrupt. The need is to develop a unique trading system enabling profits and sustainability.

Computing and automation has brought about tremendous changes in investing and trading. Technology including artificial intelligence (AI) has replaced many simple human tasks, resulting in low error rates and a high margin of success.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping the progress of many sectors. One sector that has been significantly impacted is finance including asset trading. AI based trading uses software and computers to run complex mathematical models for asset trading, often making use of high-frequency trading technology, which can enable thousands of trades per second. A human being can’t replicate this speed.

MetaPrediction is offering unique trading facilities to the traders at all levels to make profits. MetaPrediction has developed a state-of-the-art unique artificial intelligence algorithm to identify and attract the sharpest traders in the crypto market. It selects most profitable Pro Traders, while the MetaPrediction platform mirrors trades of the best Pro Traders.

Conventional trading utilizes historical data only, is static, requires human intervention, and don’t perform very well when the market rapidly changes. AI can analyze large volumes of data and continue to improve itself.

AI trading software can absorb massive data to learn about the market, understand global trends, and make predictions. AI can keep watching and analyzing this information all the time, always learning, never tiring, and perfecting its predictions.

MetaPrediction is a decentralized trading system built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform combines artificial intelligence predictive analysis, based on past performances and real-time market developments, and blockchain to ensure better forecasting and effective speculation of the trading assets.

Employing artificial intelligence predictive analysis helps training a model used to establish trust and assets sustainability. Blockchain ensures a robust trading transparency, effortless smart contracts, and cost efficiency.

MetaPrediction platform is designed by Traders for Traders. Experienced professional Traders and rapid MetaPrediction platform engine guarantees the best trading performance in the market.

MetaPrediction platform incorporates the blockchain technology directly into its functionality whereby traders submit predictions into a smart contract that will execute true or false results based on real market information. MetaPrediction rewards Pro Traders with METP tokens for successful predictions as paid for by the Retail traders. If the trader makes a correct prediction, they will receive tokens from the Retail Trader. Otherwise, the tokens are returned to the Retail Trader as coded in the smart contract. This reward and automated verification system greatly enhances a trader’s credibility, motivation to succeed, and earning potential.

This will allow users to understand the market trends properly, adjust trading strategy, and make holistic and well-informed trades, all through a single platform. It will help traders reap more profits without any hassles.

The highest profit for registered traders are guaranteed by the unique platform structure and fast methods for deposit and withdrawal of the trading funds.

MetaPrediction platform provides the following benefits:

  • Trades are executed at the best possible prices.
  • Trade order placement is accurate.
  • Trades are timed correctly and instantly to avoid significant price changes.
  • A viable trading strategy.
  • Reduced transaction costs.
  • Reduced risk of manual errors when placing trades.
  • Reduced possibility of mistakes due to emotional and psychological factors.

The ultra-modern, intuitive AI platform is for everyone from individual traders to trading brokers. The technologies are user-friendly and don’t require costly setup to get going.

MetaPrediction has a dedicated METP Token, which is a utility token of ERC20 type for internal use on the platform. METP Token works as an additional reward for the traders and ensures sustainability of the platform. The total supply of the METP token is 1,850 million.

MetaPrediction aims to develop customized applications for Pro and Retail traders, capacity of more than 1M traders, integrated affiliate system, payment solutions, and social networks. It plans tight integrations with Trading View and CoinMarketCap platforms in the future. The MetaPrediction app will have both OS and Android versions.

The management of MetaPrediction has committed itself to bringing the latest technology to traders by innovating premium products and revolutionizing trading. It strives to establish a community based on transparency, that enables individuals to improve their trading skills, market awareness, and transactional profitability.

The organization has an innovative team comprising of highly qualified and skilled traders and software developers dedicated to consistently improving the MetaPrediction platform. It has a top-notch leadership headed by Darius Savanevicius, Owner and Leading Trader, along with Simonas Liutika, Chief Marketing Officer.

The MetaPrediction team’s vision combines establishing an ultramodern trading system, where assets could pose less speculative difficulties and creating a trading market where traders; pro, average and newbie make profits with little loss.

Traders are switching to artificial intelligence and, as a result, are executing trades with increasing efficacy.

MetaPrediction is a promising platform in the AI crypto trading market. Its core features have a lot of potential. As AI becomes more powerful and capable in future, trading activity would immensely benefit in terms of ease, speed, and profits.